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Importance of planning

Most people do not know what they want, in our civilization, in our society, anyone can have whatever they want in life. However, 90% of the population has either a vague idea of what they want, or no idea at all. Brian Tracy - Fenix Seminar

Everything that is organized and clear in life tends to progress, grow and multiply. This is because the mind is a machine with very advanced technology, which only works if a logical and direct order is conditioned towards a goal.

As human beings, we have a tremendous potential to achieve everything we desire and develop ourselves based on what we feel identified with. But we must learn to organize, plan and clarify ideas and events in order to give meaning to our lives.

From chaos, order emerges

Most people do not know what they want and that is why they live a monotonous life, in an unstoppable cycle of surviving in a world where there is no clear objective.

Planning provides us with a log to follow that shows us a starting point or where we are, marks a goal to reach, or where we want to go, and tells us what will be done to reach the goal, and how it will be done. Therefore, it is the first function of the administrative process, since it serves as a pillar for the other functions: organization, coordination, and control, and that is why planning is important.

How to create a good strategic plan?

There is no magic formula to design a plan correctly. Each company is a universe and has different needs, budgets and goals. Therefore, in this article, we will offer you a variety of strategic planning tools that can help you structure your ideas.

We have divided them into three groups:

  • Analytical

  • Methodological

  • Operational

Planning tools

Depending on the company, planning may or may not be part of the management process itself. However, it is certainly one of the first steps in project management in general. But what exactly is planning?

👉 The development of a project plan involves, among other things:

  • Identifying the tasks required to develop the project.

  • Prioritizing and organizing the work, in particular using methodologies such as WBS or the Waterfall Method.

  • Defining the scope and time frame.

  • Establish a schedule or a visual aid to represent the planning such as a Gantt chart that provides a good representation of:

  • The different tasks to be performed over time, the overall progress of the project, and important milestones.

Planning as a lifestyle

It is very difficult to change our habits drastically overnight. But it is essential to set goals in life for whatever we propose, we must forge a path to reach a destination. We must program our minds, and clarify and unite everything for a single purpose.

With the practical tools mentioned above you can start a more organized and satisfying lifestyle. Yes satisfactory, because setting goals and giving them a deadline, allows you to measure your process and gain motivation to continue even in the most difficult moments that may arise.

We invite you to watch Brian Tracy's Fenix seminar that we uploaded for you on our Youtube channel. Click on the link to start directly. In this seminar, you will find complete training to program your mind to achieve any goal you set in life. If you go for modules 15 and 16, you will find steps and methods to set measurable and real goals in your life. enjoy it!

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