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Emotional intelligence is an essential part of your daily life

I know that to begin with, this blog is about digital entrepreneurship, branding and marketing, but as an essential part of life, emotional intelligence is a skill that must be acquired as soon as possible to be able to manage life situations in an assertive way, generating good results in the decisions made on a daily basis.

First I would like to start by answering an elementary question... What is emotional intelligence? It can be said that it is an ability to learn from mistakes, to reflect on them and find new ways to face certain circumstances in a different way for the next time. It could be said that it is to generate other types of connections in the brain to respond in a convenient way to a situation.

But in my case, I would like to talk in a personal way about the subject, since I have suffered many unwanted incidents due to my lack of self-control and not knowing how to manage emotions. It could be said that there are people who can manage their emotions in a natural way, that simply bring a ¨chip¨ from the factory that helps to regulate the feelings generated in each situation. But well, let's go back to mine, I will tell you my story.

I have always been a person a little restless, curious and with the gift of words to express myself in a certain way. Faced with a certain situation, where I feel threatened or judged, I feel to non-control my actions because in my mind there is a chaos of feelings, it can be said that they are mostly negative, which end up becoming unintended consequences for an expected outcome.

But I would like to go a little further, to deepen this theory in how this deficiency of management really affects us in a daily tragedy, thus affecting our productivity and satisfaction when performing our actions, tasks, hobbies, or relationships. That is to say, this poor management of emotions I would like to define as that little self-understanding of oneself, of not questioning what is happening little by little in our mind, yes in our mind.

My experience with mental noise

In my experience, I can describe it as a mental noise that takes over every moment when I need some attention. If it happens several times, I could say that in most cases, when people talk, I cannot listen, when I read, I cannot read, when I want to talk, I cannot talk. In conclusion, it is a lack of communication with my inner world, I find no way to receive or express information. But the question is: what is the cause of this mental noise? Where does it come from?

For a long time I asked myself this question, for years. And after much research, reading and questioning I discovered that this is the mental programming or internal dialogue as they call it. This little voice that talks to you all day long in your head that contains thoughts or comments on all your occurrences can have a positive or negative inclination. It is worth clarifying that if it is positive or if it is negative it affects in a completely different way.

A little negative voice (a little devil)

Negative voice, this usually always comments on something that makes you feel superior or inferior to the situation presented, a person in question, or about yourself. It is an automatic defense mechanism against a thought or situation that makes you feel threatened, thus attributing events or comments that you perceived in the past in a negative way towards you. Therefore, if you pay attention to this always in the end will make you feel a strong emotion of sadness, demotivation, or anger.

It is a violent voice that cruelly attacks yourself, your self-esteem, or the relationships you have with other people. Likewise, when this negative voice that we could call the devil, takes you out of reality, does not let you concentrate on the present, and makes you lose your time and your focus on your present activities, that is why you have not so positive results because you are not connecting your being with the present, it generates a short circuit in your manifestation, that is to say, in your action.

The voice of your conscience, (your own self)

On the contrary, the positive voice in your head is not as frequent as the negative one, well that depends on your mental programming. Contrary to the negative voice, it makes rational connections in your brain that help you see situations or people in a neutral way, where no one is more than anyone else, where everyone wins and everything has a logic, especially that generates positive feelings, such as joy, compassion, gratitude.

This positive little voice, which is the voice of your true self, that you have been collecting for a long time, without interpretations in the form of defense, threat or distorted thoughts. This is pure essence, this is when you connect all the dots and understand the why of all that you think.

This also plays in your favor, as it helps to motivate you, to face challenges and limitations that you may be perceived in everyday situations. It is the master key to happiness, living in the present, and staying focused at all times.

The secret of focus

As we saw before, the inner voice is a double-edged sword, it can sabotage you in the connection with the present, bringing negative consequences in the future, ruining your mood, perception of reality, and above all your motivation to face life. But on the other hand, this beautiful voice of consciousness, this inner voice can be used as your sword, your key, or as any object that helps you to cut that contaminated noise of your mind, giving you tranquility and clarity to face each moment.

As a gift of life and the law of polarity, the law of life, states that everything has its negative and positive side, that this positive gives clarity to the negative and shows an absolute truth in every situation. Therefore, my invitation to you, is that when you are not able to focus on the present, you feel that you are not being productive and do not enjoy the gift of the moment, use this weapon to return to you, by listening to your essence, you connect with the whole and connect all your being to develop your greatest potential.

So... tell us how you manage your mind and share what you know about emotional intelligence.

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