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Forgive in advance

Take for granted that people, in general, are constantly learning. Each person gives the best they believe at that moment, the secret is to see things from an objective side without getting involved in the situation, observing reality from what it is, neutral.

Do not expect anything from anyone, because you have no idea what goes through your mind and as your beliefs are built from childhood, life is so diverse, that we have nothing but control of ourselves, so we must learn to expect from ourselves, putting into practice our clarity in the face of a given situation.

When you really let go of life and stop judging yourself because you begin to understand that you create your reality from your thoughts and then act against life scenarios based on these thoughts.

Respect yourself
On the other hand, respecting oneself is an elemental key to life, the need for approval only leads to sabotage. Likewise, you create fictitious realities that do not make sense or have alignment with reality.

When one gets out of the established mold, one realizes that reality is different in all places and that each one of them has different conversions, we do not all express ourselves the same, some people simply do not express themselves, because they do not know-how, others like Me, they express themselves too much.

For this reason, it is important to know oneself and identify one's own reality to become empowered by each interaction and stimulus presented, in this way we manage to disconnect from the imposed paradigms of our growth cradle and we take relativity for granted.

Relativity combined with responsibility generates an authentic freedom of being.

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