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Most of the time we hire someone to design our brand. Many times we outsource this process due to lack of knowledge, time, among others. The thing is that when we want to carry out this process ourselves, it is a bit difficult, since we do not know for sure how to do it and what is needed. In the end we end up thinking about it a lot and sometimes we have to incur more expenses, not only of time but of money. 
This will no longer be a problem because with our ebooks you will have the step by step that will help you to facilitate the process and save you time and money. 
We hope that this material will be very useful for you, we created the content thinking about meeting your needs and making the process more enjoyable. 


Complete Branding Kit
It is a kit that contains all the information of the others, in this way you can create your brand in a simpler and more complete way.

What are you waiting for to start creating your brand? 


They include some guides, these complement more thoroughly certain topics of the kit.
Meaning of each theme and an explanatory template so that you better understand each theme.
Templates that you can use to create your brand.


Author: Clevershakes
Language: Spanish (we have an English version)
PDF file


Note: We recommend Adobe Fill & Sign on your cell phone or tablet, the reason is because it is free and easy to use.

Branding kit (full)

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